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Stephen Bowie is a film and television historian with a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema and Television Studies from the University of Southern California.  As a writer or archivist he has worked for the New York Public Library, the Archive of American Television, BAMCinématek, and Getty Images.  He was the archival researcher for the HBO documentary Casting By (NYFF, TIFF 2012).

During high school he first published his work in Laser Marquee, a laserdisc review journal, although he never actually got around to owning a laserdisc player.  Since then he has written for Scarlet Street, Television Chronicles, Outré, Senses of Cinema, World Cinema Paradise, and The A.V. Club.  Critic Matt Zoller Seitz called his appraisal of director John Frankenheimer “a major piece of criticism and scholarship.”  Stephen’s survey of the political blacklist in fifties television appears in the three-volume anthology Jews and American Popular Culture.

Stephen has conducted on-camera interviews with pioneers of television’s early days for the Archive of American Television.  He has been a guest on radio’s Talking Television and TV Confidential, and has consulted on the home video releases of various TV shows, including The Invaders, Mad Men, and Evening Primrose.  He is the founder and editor of this blog, which since its inception in December 2007 has been cited by The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Maclean’s, The Wrap, and other mainstream publications.

Stephen is a defender of the Oxford comma, an unapologetic two-spacer, and a texting refusenik footjob-hd.net.

He lives in New York City.

(For media inquiries or general questions, Stephen can be reached at stephen@classictvhistory.com. He is on Twitter as @smilingcobra.)


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